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Thread: Groomed Terrors

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    Groomed Terrors

    Well here's a picture of Lucky's first puppycut & Honey all fluffed up! And yet still they managed to get their muzzles wet!


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    They look great! I bet they feel great since they've had a good grooming. I know Skylar always seems to feel better after he's been shaved down a bit.

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    Thanks. My dog Pepe feels naked after he gets groomed, lol. He hides under the bed and behind your legs if he's in public.

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    Aw, Lucky looks very very cute. And Honey looks just adorable in her bows.
    Off to find a box that is big enough for you to fit Honey in to send her to me.

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    LOL thanks........for taking her off my hands for a while!! She sometimes lieks to pretend she's a wolf and likes to howl alot Also beware of her tongue, she can give a thousand kisses in 3 seconds!

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