The recipes and hosts really rock....they just cook, no BS stories or other un-interesting stuff!


I am starting to get tired of the Food Channel and the hosts. Except for Robert Irvine/Food Impossible and Nigella Lawson.

Paula Deen is skeezy. Her "ya'll" and the way she hangs all over the men during her live show makes me think about the obnoxious drunk aunt that you see around the holidays.

Bobby Flay is full of himself.....Throwdown? Why bother-you can't toss together a dish and compete with someone who has won contests with their recipes. Every time he cook it's the mango salsa, chipotle and carmelization of onions, grilled fruit and meat rubs- All are so yesterday.

Alton brown is an idiot.
He's knows his food chemistry but he was a jerk during the Next Food Network contest. I saw a commercial where he was asking for donation to feed the poor....this coming from a guy who, during one of his programs tossed a pickled pig's foot into the trash because he didn't like it.
NIce try.

Giada De Laurentis?
What is going on with her? Her pronunciations of Italian food and the cleavage are too funny to comment on.

Rachael Ray?

Please-between EVOO, szhush and her attempts to land aircraft with her frantic arm waving got old very quickly...

There, I feel better -now to go grab something to eat.....

Do I have to cook it?