Here is a random single picture of me with my favorite dog at work. Her name is Tehya (the huskie in the background is Boshka and I forget the name of the boxer puppy). She is supposedly a "native american indian dog" but yeah I read up on the breed and I don't really buy into it. Either way she looks so amazing to me.

Her ears are large and remind me of a wild animal. Her face has a permanent "Dont mess with me" look to it. Her body is really lean and her coat is deceptively soft. I really like cupping my hand on the top of her head and running my hand all the way down her back to her tail. She is very intelligent and also really good at various commands.

She knows all the basics (off, come, sit, shake, down, stay). She also is good at "touch" where she leaps up and touches her nose to your palm. She also knows spin, speak, over, and "time out". When she's misbehaving and I tell her "time out" she immediately trots to the same crate and waits for the door to be latched.

She had been suspended and I was afraid she'd be kicked out, but her parents are working with a behaviorist and she's been allowed to return after a 6 week hiatus.