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    Hi! I m new here! What do we do here'?

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    Hi and welcome to Pet Talk!

    I have two cats, Snow and Angel, a beagle named Duke and 2 African Dwarf Frogs called Misty and Rocky. They are all in my signature below.

    What kind of pets do you have?
    Thank you so much for my siggy, kittycats_delight!

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    Hi, ash_mall_girl and welcome to Pet Talk! I'm David P and I'm another Pennsylvanian from Pittsburgh. I have three rescued kitties living with me, Nikki, a tuxedo, Daisy, a nutty tortoiseshell, and Marigold, another nutty tortoiseshell. I volunteer with a cat rescue group in Pittsburgh. There's a picture of Nikki & Daisy in my signature. There's a lot to do here, like share pictures, brag about your pets, get info on how to care for your pets, and meet a lot of new friends all over the world here. Be careful, this site is addictive!

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    hey im nelly and i own two labs and some horses at my uncle's house
    welcome to pet talk.
    on here you talk about your pets and the pets of the day and just have a lot of fun !
    ~Labrador Luver~

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    Hi, welcome! I am pretty new also. I am having fun on pet of the day! What pets do you have? I have a guinea pig!


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