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Thread: Has anyone everheard of a St. bernard Pitbull mix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danegirl2208
    Do you have any pictures?

    The last one is just for cute value...

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    How old's the pup in those pictures? He doesn't seem big enough, or have feet big enough to be part Saint ... or fluffy enough, but I guess time will tell. Does he have webbed toes?
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    looks like a buckskin one

    very cute puppy nonetheless whatever he is.....
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    it's so hard to tell when they are that Karen said I think he is too small to be a saint mix. But you really can't tell too much at this age..he's cute none the less.. Good luck with him

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    In those pics he's 4 weeks and a a couple days, and weighing 6 pounds. He does in fact have webbed toes.

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    I see no saint bernard, but boxer is a good possibility. The markings on the face are very reminiscent of a boxer's markings.

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    I have a pit st bernard

    My dog is the best she has alot of pit bull characteristics but is very protective like a st bernard and she has an amazingly soft coat and is very smart and obedient. Please reply Im very interested in getting one of your pups. my dog is fixed.

    Thank you,
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    St. Bernard/Pitbull mix

    I have a one year old St. Bernard/Pitbull mix and he is the most adorable loving dog that I have ever owned. He is very intelligent and learns very quickly. I have never seen a dog so advanced in learning. A friend of mine owns a pitbull abagail who got pregnant and when I saw the puppies I had to have one. His name is Bear. He is getting very big for a year old but I have plenty of room for him to play and he loves every minute I spend with him.

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    Saint Bernard/Pitbull MIX

    I enclosed 2 pics. One of when Bear was a puppy and the second was is him now. Hope this helps =)
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    possible st bernard/pitt mix

    I just adopted a puppy from a neighbor and he is about 8 weeks old. He has a pitt mom but we are not sure of the dad. He (Roscoe) is so sweet and very smart like the previous person mentioned about his/her pup. He can sit, knows his name, is potty trained, and we have been working on fetching =] I have a lab/chow mix who took forever to potty train so for Roscoe to be so great at peeing outside at 8 weeks is crazy to me. The reason I think he is half st bernard is because he has the softest coat and its very thick, however it is short. My friend owns a full boxer and I don't think the previous guy's pup is a boxer/pitt. My friends who has a st bernard/lab has the dark nose and facial markings similar to joerror's pup.

    P.S. I thought it was a little rude for how some of the previous people in the thread kept nagging at the lady about fixing her dogs, she was just trying to get some advice. I completely agree with you guys and have spent a fair amount of time volunteering in a no-kill shelter, however, i think you could have made your point in a nicer manner no one wants to take advice from a jerk :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaveThePoundDogs View Post
    I'm definetly not smiling.
    Get your dog to the vet, the puppies may not be able to be delievered because they might be the size of Saint Bernard puppies, too big to come out of a Pit...that's sad that they got pregnant Please get your dog neatuered and your pit spayed as soon as possible...I am esspecially upsetted by this because I rescue dogs that are about to be euthanized from the pound frequently, some of which come from an accidental litter and are brought to the pound, about to be killed because of the human who let the mother dog get pregnant instead of spaying her
    !!! Likewise !!!

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    i ve a 1 1/2 year ols st bernard pitbull

    I have a st bernard pitbull and im very offennded by what some of the people were telling you to do. The father was st brnard and the mom was pit. The puppies were born regular size and the parents live next door to me and we hae 2 brothers of his 2 houses down. they are great dogs,yes very very big. i have a 2 year old in my house and would neve be concerned that the dog would harm him they are actually best friends and go every where together. i do have pics from birth till now if interested ill put some up but if you have a further questions please contact me at ALIT0759 @ AOL.COM Any time!! my name is ali

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    I am glad your pup was born without problems. We'd love to see pictures, of course!

    The original post is 3 years old, so no worries about that any more.
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    st. bernard/pit

    I have a st. Bernard/pit mix. The mother was the st. And the father was the pit. He is short hair and a wonderful dog. He does great with our 3 year old. Hyper at times but couldn't have asked for a better dog. If you would like pictures of him. He is 7 months. Email me at [email protected]

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    You betcha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Bull View Post
    My Pit is pregnant from my saint . I was wondering if there is anything special i shuld know. does anyone have pix? I couldn't find any online
    My dog is a pitt bull st bernard mix. She's a big beautiful bitch and smart as hell. Her mother was a pitt. She gave birth to 7 healthy puppies. I wouldn't worry to much on the mix size but I agree about seeing a vet just in case because I am not one and you really shouldn't pay any attention to anyone who isn't. Nothing is wrong with mixed breeds, in fact their generally healthy dogs than pure breeds because you eliminate any possibility of inter breeding and common breed genetic defects are less common. I personally prefer them. Most american dog owners have become snobby about their pure breds and they love to give their arrogant know nothing advice. So please don't abort your puppies unless your vet reccomends it or you don't have friends who will adopt. If you have some that are considering, tell them they won't regret it. Their great dogs.

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