after spending several hours trying to find the intro spot I'm finely here lol
I'm Kerri, I breed show line German Shepherds and currently share my home with 14 GSDs, and 2 cats. 9 of the dogs are 6 week old puppies, 1 is a 11 week old pup.
I show and title my dogs myself for the most part. I grew up in the sport of pure bred dogs my dad breeding labs and rough collies, my mom toy poodles and my grand parents springer spaniels. I have 3 skin kids 16, 17, and 21. all girls. 1 husband (lol) for the last 15 years.(and hopefully the next 100 or so)
I live in Ontario, Canada.
Besides showing dogs we as a family also play baseball, slow pitch, bowling, hockey, and cross country skiing. we are a busy family. My oldest daughter will be graduating teacher's collage this year while my middle daughter is starting nursing collage. youngest daughter wants to be a forensic investigator.