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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Hi, my name is Maria I'm from Mass. I have two wonderful dogs Tyler who is 10yrs. old he's a shepard mix and I have Jaxx who is 4yrs. old, he's a beagle terrier mix. Both babies were adopted from the same animal shelter and are just the best!
    Tyler was recently lost and Thank God we got him back home safely.
    I also have an 18 yr. old cat named Bowdy, he's been with me since he was about 6 weeks old. ( he was my first baby) and then of course I can't leave out my siberian hamster Grey, he'll be a year old in November.
    As soon as I figure out how to navigate on this site I will do my best to post some pics.
    Nice too meet you all out there!

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    Hi Maria, I am Sandie! I am so pleased that you decided to join PT. This site is so much fun!

    Oh here is a quick run down on how to post photos!

    Store the photos on your PC, in a Pictures folder.
    Open a FREE account in photobucket.

    Set up a new subalbum. I use a subject and the date I am posting the pics on Pet Talk.

    CLICK on the subalbum you just created, so that you are working in it.
    Upload your photos.
    Notice that each photo has 3 lines of code below it. You will be using the bottom one, IMG.

    Open a new window, or a new tab in WINDOWS, and get into Pet Talk, start your new thread.

    When you get to the point that you want the photo, click on the IMG line in photobucket under the photo you want. You will see a yellow "COPIED" box. Come back to PT and paste the line of code.

    You will see [IMG] bunch of stuff for photobucket[/IMG]
    Finish your text, add more pics if you want. When you click on submit, you will see the photos.

    Drives you crazy the first few times, then you get the hang of it.

    I am so glad you, Tyler, and Jaxx are joining us here on Pet Talk!

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    I am Ellie

    I have 2 gorgeous hamsters called Whisk and Chino that you can see in my signature

    I really hope you like it here and stay for a long time

    'If everyone else's opinion is what matters, then do you ever really have one of your own?'- Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

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    Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy all the talks & pictures..

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

    [[ Furr Babies are Like Potato Chips **** No One Can Have Just One ]]
    ****** Kindness, Mercy & Justice to All Living Creatures ******
    {{{{{Everyday is a Gift = That's why it's Called the Present }}}}}
    ((( Each Day With Our Pets is a Surprise Package Waiting to be Opened )))
    <Sunsets are God's Reminder to Us That At The End of the Day We're All In This Together>

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    Hi, I'm Erin and Welcome to Pet Talk!

    I have two cats named snow and Angel and a beagle named Duke. They are in my sginature below and I also have two frogs.

    Hope you like it here!
    Thank you so much for my siggy, kittycats_delight!

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    Hi Maria!

    I'm Angie and I'm owned by 2 German Shepherd rescues.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your pets!!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
    **Don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die!**

    I suffer from multiple Shepherd syndrome

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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    TO PET TALK !!!


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