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Thread: Happy 5th Birthday Ziggy!! Birthday Party Pics!

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    Happy 5th Birthday Ziggy!! Birthday Party Pics!

    Ziggy, my big girl, turns 5 today. I cannot believe she is already five years old. It is really amazing how time flies.

    About 5 1/2 years ago we lost our dog Rascal to a heart attack. She was 9 nine years old. Our family was devastated. A few months later, we were ready to add another dog to our family. In the paper, free to good home. There was an add for a free beagle puppy. My dad went and picked her out for me. We all fell in love with Ziggy when he brought her home. My dad picked her out because Ziggy was the most hyper puppy of all the litter.

    I am so happy to have Ziggy in my life. We have stuck by her side through all her ups & downs. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. Ziggy is a wonderful dog. She is very loving. She loves my family. I love having her in my family.

    Today we celebrated her fifth birthday with Birthday FOOD!! Chicken Strips & Mac & Cheese. She also had Ice Cream. We had alot of fun today playing with all of her new toys. It was a great day for Ziggy.

    Happy 5th Birthday Ziggy!!

    Ziggy's Main Course Meal for her special day!

    "yum this smells so gud"

    How much closer can her nose get to that plate? lol

    I was really surprised by how much she enjoyed the Mac & Cheese. She ate all of it before she even touched the Chicken Strips.

    She didn't want to eat her chicken strips on the plate. She took them off.

    "thiz is so good"

    Now Ziggy, since you finished your food, you can have your birthday desert.

    Ice cream with a little caramel on top.

    More pictures to come...

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    "i hope thiz is for me"

    "thiz is the best stuff i ever ate"

    Next her birthday gifts!!

    "i luv birfdays"

    More pictures to come..

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    "hey thiz is my toy"

    Her treat goodies:

    Happy 5th Birthday, Ziggy! I hope you enjoyed your big day!

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    Awwwww, happy birthday, Ziggy!
    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

    "That's the power of kittens (and puppies too, of course): They can reduce us to quivering masses of Jell-O in about two seconds flat and make us like it. Good thing they don't have opposable thumbs or they'd surely have taken over the world by now." -- Paul Lukas

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    Wow, it sure looks like you had a fabulous day, Ziggy. You are such a sweetheart, and obviously you mean a lot to your family. I have a feeling you will have a lot more fun and spoiling before the day is over. Happy Birthday, Pretty Ziggy!

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    What a pretty girl! Happy birthday, Ziggy! It looks like you enjoyed your dinner and desert. Mommy sure spoils you.

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    You are such a pretty girl, I'm happy to see you've had a fun day!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Happy 5th Birthday Ziggy.Looks like you had a wonderful birthday.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
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    Happy 5th Birthday, Ziggy! Hope you get spoiled today, sweetie!

    Kaitlyn (the human)
    Sadie & Rita (Forever in Our Hearts) (the Labbies)

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    Happy birthday, gorgeous Ziggy! It looks like you had a great day.
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

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    Awww Ziggy, I love your "i luv birfdays" face What a beautiful pup. Happy Birthday sweetie!

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    Good thing birthday's come once a year..a girl's gotta watch her waistline! Ziggy's adorable..and have I got a guy for you!!!! Now I'm starving....Thanks Ziggy for sharing your special day! Glad it was absolutely super!!!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Happy Belated Birthday girl!

    It sure looks like you were spoiled rotten You deserve it!!!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Happy Birthday! We are all so glad you had such a nice day with such yummy treats and nice presents! I had to laugh at the following picture. My Ripley has to take things off his plate too.

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    Awwwwww!!! Nobody can throw a party like your Mommy can they, Ziggy? What a great time you had. I hope your day was great!! You are so adorable. Please tell Mom to give you some birthday kisses from me and the girls!!

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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