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Thread: Big Boy [tree snake] and green anole

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    Big Boy [tree snake] and green anole

    Hi everyone I just thought I would post some pictures of Big Boy....

    Big Boy 1:

    green anole 2:
    Justin and the pups.

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    Is Big Boy the longer or the shorter one? How long IS he? He looks LONG!

    Which one is shedding its skin?

    The anole looks more my type. Need to get a name for it!

    Good pics!

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    Big Boy is the longest snake i have hes roughly 2 feet and zippo is the one that is shedding his skin but he was in the cave type thing so i diddnt want to disturbe him, and i had a name in mind for him but i lost it and never thought about it again.

    Justin and the pups.

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    name for the anole!

    Hi everyone I hvae nt yet named my 2 anoles I have a male and a female. [above is the male female was under cave type rock] so i am open to any suggjestions.

    thank you,
    Justin and the pups.

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    I just found big boy dead this afternoon. Yesterday he wasnt being himself at all he is usually really active but yesterday he was really laid back.Well after these reptiles i give up no more.

    R.I.P. Big Boy

    Justin and the pups.

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