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Thread: Hello from Nova Scotia

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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking and reading for a bit, really enjoy the atmosphere here at PT. Thought I would introduce us. Here are my boys,

    My 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Dudley. He was my first and I am totally in love with him.

    When Dudley was 12 weeks old.

    and last year (4-years old)

    Dudley had a tumor removed in April, and has a result of the "hair cut" he got at the hospital, we decided to shave him completely.. now everyone thinks he is a Swissie..He loves his haircut, so much cooler for him in the summer. but I don't think I will ever do it again.. I miss my furry beast.

    This is my Murphy..he is a 4-year old Old English Sheepdog/Springer Mix. We rescued him when he was 13 months old from an neglectful/abusive situation. I thank gosh every day that we have him. He is the family clown.. soooooooo mischevious, very very snuggly.. a real momma's boy.

    So that's us, life is good in Nova Scotia

    Brenda, Dudley and Murphy

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!! I am Pam and the mom of two poodles (one standard and one mini) and two kitties. My daughter has a swissie right now and also unfortunately has one now living at the Rainbow Bridge who passed away at the young age of two of bloat. Berners are just awesome dogs. I have been to a few swissie events and there was a woman there recently with a Bernese puppy. What a doll baby! I hope to hear and see more of Dudley. I will direct my daughter to your thread too.

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    Hi Brenda, and welcome to Pet Talk! You'll LOVE it here! There are so many people, I bet you will make some friends. everyone LOVES photos.

    You dogs are wonderful, Dudley is SO handsome, long or short cut. I don't think we have another of his breed on here!

    Murphy is a lucky pup to have you enter his life! He should feel right at home here at PT; and I don't remember seeing another Old English here either.

    Looking forward to many more posts from you!

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    Welcome! My mom (Pam), who posted above, directed me to this thread. I too have a Sennenhund!! I have a Swissie, though. But it is great to see a fellow Mountain Dog on the board. Harlee is my second Swissie, and won't be my last. I love Berners too, may just have to adopt one of them in the future, I have met several, and they are fabulous dogs!! Anyway, welcome, and I will be looking forward to seeing pics of your dogs in the future. My Swissies are in my siggy below. Harlee is a pup in the pic below, she is just about 2 1/2 years old now, Dale was my first one, he passed on just before he turned 2, due to bloat.


    BTW, your dogs are gorgeous!!

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    Welcome to PT. On appearances BMDs are some of my favorite dogs. I don't remember ever getting to meet one in person. Seen plenty of pictures though. Have Seen very few pictures of the SMDs, but i got to meet my first one a few months ago at the dog park. I was so excited. He just wanted to go sniffing though.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here! :-)

    Let nature guide your actions and you will never have to worry if you did the right thing. ~ crow_noir

    The pet world excels where the human world is lacking; sterilization and adoption. ~ crow_noir

    Please, if your dog is arthritic look into getting it Elk Velvet Antler. Look up my posts on it, PM me, or look it up on a search engine; but please if you love your dog and want it to live many more years consider this option. I've seen so many posts on here about dogs needlessly suffering. I can't make a new post about EVA every time so this plea is going here. EVA also helps with other ailments such as anemia.

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    Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome and the nice compliments about Dud and Murph.

    Robyn, I have never seen a Swissie in person, hopefully someday. I am very sorry about the passing of your Dale, 2 is to young to lose them. A very close friend just lost her 2 year old Berner due to bloat.. that is my biggest fear. I am very diligent about the feeding and exercising time frame.

    Pam, Murphy's favourite playmate at the dog park are 2 standard poodles.. they can give him a run for the money..I am always so excited when I pull up and see them there.. cause I know I will be leaving with a tired Sheepdog.

    Freedom, thanks for the lovely compliments on the boys. I think they are the bestest.. but then I am their mom (hehehe).

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