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Thread: Labrador Lovers

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    Labrador Lovers

    Check out June 2001 Dog Fancy it is about Labs. They have the most beautiful centerfold of a black lab. He/she is absolutely gorgeous. And the other side has all 3 colors on it. I just love the chocolates and blacks.

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    Go Labs!! My lab Star is sure to plaster the "centerfold" on her, well my, bedroom wall! Being a blond, she just loves those tall, dark and handsome ones! Hope it's a boy!

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    Goooooooooo Labs!!!!!!!!!!! I get Dog Fancy magazine, and I'm soooooooooo happy!! Labs are #1!! (and that's coming from a Lab mom)!!! LABS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you go to the American Kennel Club website, at www., it will say so on the list of top 50 dogs!!!!!!

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