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Thread: 16 year old student marries 40 year old

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    16 year old student marries 40 year old
    Coach, 40, Weds 16-Year-Old Student

    Anguished Parents Sign Consent Forms, Saying They Had No Choice Font Size

    The Hagers contacted police; they even tried to get a restraining order.

    "We've tried everybody. We've been to the law. We've been to the school board," Betty said. "Our family has come and tried to talk to her. We've had people on the phone with her for hours family, friends. We've been to our pastor asking for guidance. We've been to his pastor."

    Meanwhile, the Hagers say Windy withdrew, refusing to speak to them until she asked them to sign a consent form so that she and her coach a man more than twice her age could get married.

    Although anguished, her weary parents gave in.

    "Signing those consent forms was the hardest thing I did in my whole life, but we had to move on, it was going to kill us all," Dennis said.

    Monday, Windy and Wuchae married, and he resigned from the school.

    But was Windy really old enough to understand her decision? Experts say it's a difficult situation.

    "With most teenagers, they're not sure yet who's who and what's what and what should be done," said Henry Paul, author of the book "Is My Teenager OK?" "It's obviously up to the adult figure to set the boundaries."

    Windy and her new husband would not comment for this story, but the Hagers realize what they've lost.
    ewwww, it is so disgusting that this can happen. how is possibly legal?!?!?

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    That is really disgusting! The parents, IMO, anyway obviously didn't try hard enough to convince her. Not that it's any of my business really, but that really is sick, who'd do that? None the less, LET their kid do that. The dude is old enough to be her father!

    Too each his own...I guess.

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    When I was in high school there were these twin sisters. The week after we graduated one of them married the German teacher (she was already 18...)

    Last I knew...they were still married....

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    That is disgusting! I can not believe the school board wouldn't do anything and that is disgusting too!

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    Stupid, idiotic, impulsive. Ah, the joys of teenhood

    Hmm, I wonder how she's going to live the rest of her life...

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    Why is this disgusting folks ?????
    The two in question may well love each other.
    They may live happily ever after and surprise all.
    I hope they do.

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    My friend is 60, her husband is 86 and they have been happily married for over 40 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G535
    My friend is 60, her husband is 86 and they have been happily married for over 40 years.
    Of course. There isn't anything wrong with that at all....good luck to them.

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    I don't see what's so wrong about it. They are both consensual.

    Quote Originally Posted by ratdogg81
    ewwww, it is so disgusting that this can happen. how is possibly legal?!?!?

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    legal age in new jersey is 16.the teen girl has known her coach since she was 14.the police cant prove they were having sex,etc ... so they cant do america the divorce rate is over 50% so hopefully this marriage works out.its 2007 not 1907.16 yr olds are not babies and many of them are quite mature.its their business what they do with their lives,not ours.i shall send the newlyweds a congradulations e-mail.the girl is a cutie as well.i wonder if she she has a twin sister..hmmmmmm maybe a summer trip to nj is in order.i have family near hackensack.

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    My best friend at school was 17 when she married our 39 year old English teacher ( he moved schools) . They have been married for forty years now and have three grown children. They are a happy loving family! Love comes in many forms so please don't be judgemental.
    Lilith Cherry
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    so would it be ok for a 10 year old to marry a 30 year old then?

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    There are plenty of 16 year olds out there getting pregnant and get stuck raising the baby on their own..... I think a consensual marriage isn't that big a deal..... at 16 you can emancipate yourself and be an adult..... and while it may only be 6 years..... 10 and 16 are a far cry from each other. There is a HUGE amount of developement going on between 10 and 16 and A LOT of things change. In some places 16 is a legal age.....

    Do you think if she waited till she was 18 there would be a big difference? It's only two years.... and not really a HUGE 2 years in developement. Why would it be more acceptable at 18? it is not a choice I would have made but that doesn't matter.

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    I once became good friends with a coworker who was a former high school teacher that ended up marrying one of his former students. After hearing his story I feel a bit different than I would have if I didn't know someone in this situation. He truly loved her, and she loved him. They didn't have a sexual relationship til after they got married.

    Ah, but true love didn't last for them. They divorced about 10 years later. He fell in love again with a young woman who was in her early 20's when he was nearly 50. That marriage ended a few years later too.... poor guy just couldn't quite find lasting love!

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    Give me a break. The quote "Although anguished, her weary parents gave in." The parents gave up a long time ago if they would let their
    child guilt them in doing whatever the kid wanted to do. She could have
    stomped her feet too.
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