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Thread: For All You Kitten Experts *Pics added 6* Cute cute cute

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    For All You Kitten Experts *Pics added 6* Cute cute cute

    ok so the kits will be 4 weeks old on the 20th and I would like to know if you guys think they are in the right place developementally.

    These little farts have taken their first tastes of food already. They are walking well and starting to run fairly well too. They are little monkeys playing. They are also playing with toys not just each other. They are climbing over everything they can and showing interest in the litter pan. And to top it off I just found one of the monsters (Willow) half way up the small cat tree that is in their room.

    So do you think they are where they should be for their age? Are the behind or advanced? Just curious.

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