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Thread: CH Kitty Thread (You Tube videos)

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    phesina, Amy always has the sweetiest look on her face and now and then she REALLY gives me a look that completely melts my heart. I always thought it was just her but maybe it isn't? I think that head tilt is adoreable but CH related as I have seen that and that "stance" in pictures of other CH kitties. I know one thing, she is VERY smart! She can spend hours studying something and figure it out to accomplish what she wants and I can almost see that little mind figuring it out.. What she lacks in motor skills, she makes up for in charm and smartness....

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    Quote Originally Posted by phesina
    Do all CH kitties have that same sweet face? Elmer has that same expression to some degree. He did much more so when he was a little kitten and I first met him.
    LOL. Ari's a brat of the highest order, taking potshots at most kitties in reach!! She's mellowed a little this week, and I hope it's here to stay! Even my dear, sweet ancient MamaCat couldn't stand her.

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