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Thread: *Update on Bella & kittens too* Bella back from the white coats

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    *Update on Bella & kittens too* Bella back from the white coats

    Bella made her first trip to the white coats today. She tested positve for tapeworm and is being treated for that. She has a FIV/FeLV test done and tested negtive. Thank God. She has been vaccinated against FeLV and in 20 days goes back for her second vaccination. After that she can be introduced to the rest of the furrfamily. So yeah I think you guessed it right. Bella is the newest member of our family. She and little Frost the blue boy are staying with us. Frost will get his kitten vaccines and FeLV vaccine at 8 weeks. Then The the second kitten vaccine and the second FeLV vaccine after 20 day. So offically our family has increased by 2 kits.

    ETA: We have weights on the babies. The littliest one is now the second biggest. So that's a good sign. The weights are:

    Frost(my blue boy)-> is 350 g or 12.3 oz
    Vlad(tabby boy)-> is 380 g or 13.4 oz

    Willow(black girl with white tummy)-> is 410 g or 14.5 oz
    Quest(littliest girl-the runt)-> is 400 g or 14.1 oz

    They are 19 days old today. I think their weights are pretty decent. What do you guys think.

    Oh yeah Bella is 3 kg or 6.6 lbs.
    and finally little Vega is 1.1 kg or 2.4 lbs

    think that's it.
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