Our sweet bun-bun Billie is not with us anymore... . She was owned by my daughter Indra. Indra got her bunny as an easter-present in 1999. Indra was 10 years old then, Billie was 6 months old. We bought Billie from a petshop where they were absolutely sure that she was a dwarf-bunny. Hm , no no, we all believe that either his mommy or his daddy was a normal big rabit .
Oh well, dwarf or not, we all fell in love with that little funny bunny immediately!

here is Indra with her new pet

From first day on, she was always trying to escape by digging a hole to the free world. Luckily all our neighbours knew we had a bunny, so she always ended back in her cage. One time though she disappeared for 6 days! The 5th day, she was back in her run... . She had been making a tunnel under our garage, and she stayed there during the day!!

In 2001 we moved into our new house. My son made a big outdoor run; no possibility to make holes, because there was chicken-wire there too!

Billie loved his pen, and was very happy when we got a guinea pig Jasper; they were great buddies!

Sometimes, she came in the livingroom. But she got overwhelmed by all those sniffing and hissing cats

Now Billie is gone to the Rainbow Bridge, where he found back his buddy Jasper.
This the last pic from her (she was dying)

My hubby buried Billie right under her little shelter, where she was most of the day (see pic #2)
Goodbye my dear friend, we will all miss you so much....
Please visit Billie's own page on my website: Billie