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Thread: Sherman #369 He is gone.

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    Sherman #369 He is gone.

    Well, looks like we're going tro get to find a new vet immediately here in our new home. Sherman suddenly developed a cough about 2 days ago. It's very dry, nothing comes out, but he keeps hacking. His eyes have icky goobies, and I noticed some blood drops on the ground where he's been hacking. I looked up all the symptoms and it sounds like Kennel Cough. Odd, because I had him vaccinated against this for the first time with his shots last Dec. He's never had it before.

    I read that I can use an over-the-counter human cough supressent to try to give him some relief till we get into a vet. Any suggestions on what works well? I don't have any in the house, so I'll be going out to get some.

    What a bummer. He & Star were cooped up nose to nose in the car for a 16 hour drive, so I wouldn't be surprised if she gets it too. She had two days of digestive problems when we got here, and ate her first real meal last night. I have them seperated now, and am hoping we can get in somewhere first thing Monday morning.
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