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Thread: Laptops

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    We bought it from We have not had any problems whatsoever!
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    I read this as 'lapdogs'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vette View Post
    I read this as 'lapdogs'
    Thatís why you are a Pet Talker!
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    Quote Originally Posted by karen View Post
    that’s why you are a pet talker!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vette View Post
    i read this as 'lapdogs'

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    I'm going to need a laptop for my job. Its something I need but since the designer at company headquarters still using the old fashioned hand-drawing type and is completely computer illiterate, my boss won't pay for one.

    Anyway, I will be getting a raise as of July 1st and I'll be taking over my new position the same day, and I wanted to see if I could get a new 'puter sometime this summer for work.

    A laptop seems to be the best for various reasons. I have never shopped for one, so I have NO IDEA what to look for. All I know is I need one with a larger screen for the design work (and my photos) and something relatively rugged because I am the Queen of Klutzville... I'm sure I'll drop it at least a dozen times

    Soooo... what to look for? Are certain brands better than others? Do some have better warranties? Are some more "delicate" than others? Of course, I also want a great price (don't we all?). I know PTers will have lots of experience and suggestions for me. I've heard both good and bad stories about Dells, HPs, etc. Share your horror stories as well as your good ones.

    Oh, and one last question: would it be tax deductible since I need it for work purposes?
    In fact, the brand is not that important right now. All laptops are assembled from the same spare parts when it comes to devices on Windows. MacBook is another matter, but they are very expensive and you should definitely not drop them. Tell me what budget are you counting on? Then it will be easier to choose the configuration.

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