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Thread: Antihistamines for cats

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    Antihistamines for cats


    My mom's bigger cat has a chronic uri - it is controlled pretty well with Clavamox or Zythromax. However, Pyka will still let go a sneeze about once a day, and the mucus is pink or has blood in it.

    I have suggested that he go on a kitty antihistamine for a few days to give the sinuses a chance to heal - but my mom is the kind who thinks the vet will automatically suggest things.

    She DOES listen to PT, though, so would you kindly let me know what antihistamines are okay for kitties?

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    Well, Smudge's vet recommended chlorpheniramine maleate for his atopia, but he still snores... Apparently cats respond really differently to antihistamines from cat to cat, but at least this one seems to be considered safe at 1 mg BID.

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    I've given Mollie Rose Chlortrimeton for her allergies and it works well. It clears up the runny nose, watery eyes.

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    My entire fur posse just got over a URI and a couple were on chlorpheniramine and the rest were on cyproheptadine, which has an appetite stimulant in it. That's important if kitty isn't eating because it can't smell due to the URI. And my vet also told me to squirt saline drops in their noses to ease the dryness and stop the bloody noses. Yeah, right. That was fun. I got more on me than in them. But it did help.

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