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    Social Studies help

    I have this packet, I have almost all of the required things you need to do in it. (You only pick three) But my teacher said for extra credit you could do the other pages (or one of them)

    I'm doing this circle the letter of the word that does not belong with the others.

    I can't find these ones : ((I put some info. beside it that some people be able to tell with, or if it goes with another one))

    a.) babe ruth (baseball player was once a red sox pitcher and yankee outfielder)
    b.) home run
    c.) slugger
    d.) pitcher

    a.) louis armstrong (american jazz composer)
    b.) jazz (music)
    c.) New Orleans (considered birth place of jazz)
    d.) langston huges (american poet best know for harlem renassiance -music -jazz- )

    a.) aaron copland (american music composer)
    b.) babe didrikson (american athlete)
    c.) ernest hemingway (american novelist)
    d.) grant woods (american painter)

    a.) robert goddard (U.S proffesor and scientist)
    b.) war of the worlds (science fiction book.. invasion of aliens)
    c.) Jules verne (french author)
    d.) normalcy ("return to normalcy" was warren harding campaign promise)

    a.) spirit of st. louis }
    b.) charles lindbergh } these two go together, since charles flew this plane
    c.) richard byrd (an American politician)
    d.) calvin coolidge (was president of U.S)

    THANKS in advanced.. for any help.
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