I've searched Google, but since I'm in a hurry to leave to go to my mother's house, of course I can't find anything on cat poop colors.

One of my guys, and I'm thinking it's my FIV+ guy Honey, pooped on the rug. This is typical of him letting me know he's not happy with something going on. Normally it's too many foster cats. This is just Honey.

The thing with this poop is that it was BEIGE/TAN in color. At first I thought it was a furball or something, but the smell in the living room was definitely that of poop. It actually matched my carpet.

Now, Honey is almost toothless, so he does mainly eat canned food, and he prefers the Fancy Feast green cans (of course he does, he's male and likes expensive food!). They are not very dark in color, and basically this is all he eats. I'm sure he does eat dry food, and I feed them Nutro, but with him only having canine teeth, I'm not sure how much he does eat of it. Plus he bugs me a million times a day for canned food.

Anyone have any info on the colors of poop, and what they potentially can mean?? I really do think it's Honey, and he is about 14, and he's FIV+. He seems ok, I haven't noticed anything irregular in his normal habits when I'm home, so I'm concerned this may be masking a problem??