Hey guys.

I've got a 8 year old cat who recently fell very ill. I first started noticing her sneezing quite a lot a little over a week ago. Then one day when I returned home from work I noticed a red stain under her nose. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it, as she is a indoor/outdoor cat and figured she just got into a little contest with our other cat or perhaps just killed a mouse.

But that night I noticed the stain had gotten a darker shade of red, and upon further inspection I noticed it was blood coming from her nose. It wasn't as though she was leaking blood everywhere, but it was an obvious blood stain. I cleaned what I thought was a wound at the time and hoped it would get better.

About 5 days ago our cat became worse. I noticed she is weezing when she breathes, and her meow has become hoarse and deep. Almost like a human would sound if they had a head-cold and a sore throat.

Currently, she will not eat or drink anything and I noticed a green mucus coming from her nose. The blood seeping from her nose has also become worse. Though this is still happening, she is still her lively self and purrs and meows when you pet her and show attention. She belongs to my parent's and I spoke with them about it today. They seem to believe the cat is 8 years old and is just dieing, but due to her still being active towards attention, I refuse to believe she is on her death bed. If it were a human, from the symptoms I would guess it would be a headcold or possibly the flu.

I've also recently noticed that if you touch her chest area, she reacts as if it is hurting her, and will either swipe at your hand, or attempt to bite it. (She never was one for being handled, lol). I'm hoping the fluid drainage hasn't gone to her lungs and turned into a cause of pneumonia, or pluracy.

I read that cats do respond to allergens like humans, and perhaps that could be the case? Or maybe she has just come down with something. Is there anything I can due to remedy this, aside from taking her to a Vet? Money has been tight lately and I don't really have 500 dollars to spend on a vet bill if it is something less serious I can take care right here at home.