Yeah, I know, VERY odd question. I am on this other site frequently, and someone had posted about declawing their cat. I weighed in on how it is illegal/outlawed in alot of Europe, and there must be a reason for that, blah, blah, blah, and the US is sorely behind the time with our laws.

Well, someone's comeback to my post was that it is also illegal or outlawed to do a sonogram on a pregnant person in Europe and Australia. The intent of this person was to draw the comparison between what Americans do, and what other countries do, and therefore, one can't 'assume' there is a good reason to not do something in the US based on what some other country does.

So, since I wasn't aware of the thing with sonograms, and not really believing it, I need to know what goes on in other countries. I don't want to post a snappy comeback, and find out that I am wrong.

Does anyone know firsthand about this? Second, anyone know anyone that positively had a sonogram in Europe or Australia, and can tell me about it?