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    Hello from PA

    Hello everyone I am new here! This seems like a GREAT site btw ! Anywho though, my name is Amanda I am from PA and we currently have 2 labs, 6 cats, 2 guniea pigs, and a bunny rabbit !

    So to start this off I will tell u about the dogs cocoa and Jasmine they are both labs, brother and sister and we rescued them from the humane society at 6 weeks of age and they are 4 I do believe! Cocoa is a chocolate lab and Jasmine is a black lab! They are such big babies too lol! They LOOOOVE attention and meeting new people! And cocoa is the barker who barks at everything and Jasmine usually starts to bark when Cocoa barks lol!

    Now to the cats'
    Willie is my orange boy he is a Maine coon mix we do believe, and we rescued him at the age of 3 from ARL! He is now 11 years old and as we call him the "king of the hill" lol! He is a big cuddle bug, and he loves to give u his paw for u to give him attention! He is indoor/outdoor, we tried to make him indoor but it didnt work that well he was too quick for my dad and brother but he goes out and has a feral friend that lives across the street that he goes and visits every day!

    Next is Midnight, midnight is a tuxedo cat that is my brothers a friend of his gave him midnight because someone had left him behind in their apartment building and so they had taken him but him being a kitten was too much for them to handle I guess! But Midnight is "wild" so to speak! He is indoor/outdoor and he just loves to prowl our area!

    Next is Bella, she is a calico and she is about 2 years old in august im assuming. I say it was fate we met because I had to go to the dentist my wisdom teeth were hurting soo bad, and my mom cleans houses so we went to one of her houses that she does and we had to actually park down the street because it was street sweeping day! But I am walking to the car in pain mind u and I hear a small "meow" and she just starts rubbing all over me, so I was already trying to talk my mom into another kittie and well we went and knocked on everyones door there (my moms in that area almost every day and shes never seen her before) And a lady comes out and tells us that she showed up about a week ago! So we unfortunatly couldnt get her in the car that day, she was too scared so my mom went back the next day with food and sure enough bella had jumped right in the car! And she is the biggest cuddler u will ever met lol, she loves to be on my shoulders too!

    Now Stormie....well I wanted a kitten for Bella and a playmate and I never had a kitten before, we always rescued adults and such! So I did my searching online and found a Manx mix on the pennysaver, well the chick was getting rid of 3 out of 5 of her cats because she got preggo so we went to look at stormie, and well am I sure glad we did because a day after bringing her home we had an emergency vet visit, and Stormie had been badly infested with fleas (and we had none in our home) and ear mites, and had the worst URI that took nearly 2 months to get rid of! But she is very happy and is the spunkiest of the group! She is also very independent as well but loves Blue and she also loves her big sis Bella, who cleaned her when she didnt want to(So bella would sit on her to clean her) and now Stormie does it to blue! But Stormie is 8 1/2 months going on 9 months old! My kitten is growing up ! But as soon as u pet her theres an instant purr lol!

    Now Blue...well I talked my mom into getting another kittie and she wanted a blue kittie! So I found a private rescue lady that said she had so many cats and that she did have a few russian blue likes! Well we couldnt decide we had already decided on Tessa (get to her in a min lol) and well we couldnt decide on the blue kittie, well we met this lady the same day that I took stormie to get spayed and the lady met us (she had to pick up some of her rescues that just got fixed as well) and she had brought blue for us because she thought we had decided on her! But man am I glad she did and I said yes! Blue is my loooong skinny girl who is about 10 months old! And loves to cuddle with her mama (me) She was supposed to be my moms cat but she has choosen me so to speak lol, and well Stormie adopted her as well!

    Tessa- well we got her the same day as Blue well we told her we wanted tessa lol, Tessa wasnt ready to go yet though so we had to wait a week or so for her! She def has her own personality, but its funny my mom tests the kitties out on me (most love me according to her) and tessa came right on me that day, and that was it. She knew that was her chance to get a home lol! She is only a little over a year! The lady said they got a call that she was in a trailer park and she was used for BYB! Also I do have suspicion that she was abused because when she first came she needed to gain your trust! She was very wary of everyone! And she wouldnt let you pet her near her head at all! But now that has changed and she is my moms baby lol! But she is such a funny girl! Give her a plush pillow and she goes crazy lol!

    Theres the stories for the cats...

    The guniea pigs now named Mama and Baby lol!
    My SIL's mom was going to throw them out into the woods and I just couldnt let that happen , there was 2 and they were both supposed to be females but...they werent lol! My oldest brother took one and I took the other...well a month later out came baby!

    And Sugar is my bunny rabbit, and she is around 8-9 years old! She is my big baby!

    But there u have it, my bio on the "crew"/"zoo" as my dad calls it !!! Dont worry pictures are to come soon!

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    Welcome to pet talk!! I know you from the cat site forums
    (I am Miagi's_Mommy) you should post some pics of all your animals. It's good to see you here and I hope you enjoy your stay here!
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    Hi Amanda, welcome to Pet Talk. I'm David P and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. It's good to hear from another person from Pa. Your "zoo" sounds very interesting. I'm owned by three cats who allow me to share their house (for now!). Nikki, a tuxedo kitty, Daisy,a nutty tortoiseshell kitty, and Marigold, another nutty tortoiseshell. This is a great forum, but addicting! What part of Pittsburgh are you from? I live in Penn Hills.
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    This is a wonderful site (but very addicting).

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    Yippie, another PA poster! Welcome to Pet Talk!

    I'm on the other side of the state

    I have 5 kitties a doggy and a house full of people. Its a zoo around here too.

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    Welcome im also from Pa.


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