Pit Bulls and Stupid Fools
by Doug Giles

It's sad that one of the greatest dog breeds ever to grace the planet,
American Pit Bull Terrier, has fallen into the hands of animal abusing
idiots. Guys like Michael Vick, our nation's scurrilous hip hop
hoodlums and
other waste-of-sperm-and-eggs are not even worthy to carry this
excrement much less superintend their subsistence. The Pit Bulls should
walking these boys on the leash, teaching them to fetch, heel and sit
and not
the other way around.

I think I speak for all Pit Bull lovers by saying, "thanks morons for
sullying a substantial animal's rep via dog fighting." Why don't you
Darwinian holdovers get another hobby, huh ladies? I've got something
could do. Since you like doing radical stuff ... how about bungee
without the bungee? Or base jumping without a 'chute? Or trying to
bullets with your teeth? Yeah ... that's it.

Of the many things that suck about Vick's and his vapid gang's Pit Bull

fighting, one particular thing (aside from the obvious abuse) that
ticks me
off is this noble breed gets officially branded, once again, as Satan's


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