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Thread: Does anyone Know how to tame a tokay gecko,need help

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    Does anyone Know how to tame a tokay gecko,need help

    Do you know how to tame a tokay Gecko saddly every time that i trie to pick it up it attacks. If you Know how please post a message.Or maybe you have a pet that is a little frisky well you know what they say "two heads are better than one" in this case you have alot more heads than two and maybe some one has had the experience with that kind of animal before.

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    Perhaps you need to get it used to you before you try to pick it up again. Try just have your hand in his space, maybe when you put food in, move your hand to the other end of the cage, and leave it there for a minute, then two minutes the next time .. a little longer each time.

    It is likely that he things you are picking him up to eat him, as a predator would do.

    After a while, move your hand slowly around the area, see if he is curious to some closer. Then, NOT the first time, but maybe the third time, pick him up, being very careful. Let him climb on your hand, and explore ...

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    tokay teen

    hi1 we had a tokay gecko lizzard training
    hate to disapoint you but you better look into a nice heavy cow hide type glove! as they have very strong jaws and habbitts of latching on sometimes days, they are agressive little cutties and some do tame down but you will have to continue holding him a lot on a regular basis but be prepared
    i had to take our cat at the time[yrs ago] to the vet to get ours pried off cats nose they sayd they may have to well you know asthey do rabies tests i told them to keep trying and pressing his head , massaging his chin worked thank god
    would have been ugly you may also try vicks as this is used to train bitting cats but i would ask a raptile vet first dont wont him getting sick! if he gets loose look on your ceiling they love the chase up there

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