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    Blood Pressure

    Dear PT friends,
    Tuesday I went to my DR for an annual exam. I have to have one every year as I have Graves disease and I need blood work to have my script renewed. My blood pressure was so very, very high. The DR gave me a EKG ( came out ok, thank you lord) and he immediately put me on meds to lower it. It is a miracle I did't have a heart attack or stroke. I need to lose weight. Forty pounds would be good. It would really make a big difference, that and changing my diet. Packaged foods have a ton of salt. Have you ever read the salt contant on a can of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup? I love to cook and I cook old fashioned meals like grandma used to make. That has to stop at least in my life. Anyway what I am trying to say is please have your blood pressure checked. We are all too important, kind, loved, and needed to have a heart attack from high blood pressure. Love to you all, Monica

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    My twin brother and I are both on medication for high blood pressure. Thanks for posting this warning for others
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    It is a great thing you didnt have a heart attack or a stroke! Us pet talkers dont want anything to happen to you Monica! Do what the doc told ya!

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    I've had blood pressure problems for years now and I'm on two meds, one to lower my BP and one to protect the kidneys. I also monitor my BP at home at least a couple times a week in the evenings. It's called the silent killer because you can have high BP and not even know it.

    Yes, be a good girl and take your meds.....same time every day if you can do it.
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    Monica, I'm glad you found out and can do something about it. Yes, high BP can be very dangerous, I normally have mine checked whenever I go to the doctor. So far, it's been fine. However, the last time I went, my Cholesterol level was slightly up, so from now on, no more cream sauces and fat food - at least not much. I eat more fruit and veggies now. Would also be nice to lose 4-5 pounds!

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    Good warning to post. I also have high blood pressure and take medication for that and medicine to protect my kidneys (like slick) and like you, I have Graves disease as does daughter Sirrahsim. My mom and dad both had strokes so I always have to keep on top of it plus it is very hard on the kidneys.

    Hope you get yours under control soon. Do you have equipment to watch it at home? I finally bought myself an automatic "push-one-button" monitor that makes it quick and easy to check it myself. Take care

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    Yep, checking blood pressure is very important. I hadn't had mine checked in years. When I did it was 210/100. My doctor told me it was not a question of IF I would have a stroke or heart attack but WHEN. I am now on 4 meds and it is down to a normal level. I check it almost every day too and he keeps a close eye on me.

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