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Thread: GO GOLDENS!!!

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    Out of all dogs i think that goldens are the best!they are so beautiful when they run and the sun just makes there coat shine!plus they are really smart and loyal and friendly!that is why i would recomend a golden ret. for anyone that is looking for a great dog!

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    Amen to that!!! I'm a huge Golden Retriever fan as everyone on this site knows. I found some terrific stories about wonderful Golden Retrievers yesterday on the web. I'm going to look up the site and post it in a minute. Welcome to Pet Talk. I'll talk about Golden Retrievers any time you want to. By the way, I have two, Lilly and Honey, who are 1 1/2 years old and 2 years old, respectively. Love them to death!!!

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    OK. I warned you. Here are two sites that are specifically for Golden Retriever lovers like we are. I would encourage anyone to look at the first one as the stories are wonderful for all dog lovers. Get the Kleenex box ready.

    This one is lovely and the whole site is wonderful because they play such sweet music as a background in all of the different locations.

    Also, you might want to check out the MSN community group on Golden Retrievers. You can just browse the site or become a member and participate in the discussion.

    I will tell you that although I check these other sites daily. Pet Talk is still my favorite!


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    Hello Golden Retriever lovers!
    Add me to the list. Have you ever seen the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue page at:
    It's worth a look, you will see what this wonderful organization is doing for Goldens in New England.
    If you want to warm up a cold winter day with photos of adorable Golden puppies, go to [URL=] It belongs to a breeder in California.
    Best wishes for a happy new year from my Golden girl Carina and her devoted companion

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    AMEN TO THAT! HI FELLOW GOLDEN LOVERS! just another golden lover here! I think goldens are the best dogs ever! (being sarcastic!) LOL. There really could be no better breed of dog to ask for!!!! Well, maybe collies!

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