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Thread: Cross between a mini schnauzer and a soft coated Wheaten Terrier

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    One thing that i would object to with the mixing or those 2 breeds is the coat they will have when they reach adulthood. As a groomer we have run into a lot of dogs crossed with one or the other, most crossed with schnauzers are really homley looking dogs(cute as pups), and sadly there are so many owners that are too judgmental and get rid of it. And wheatons have a high mantinace coat that matts really really easy and tight, even i would not own a wheaton or cross for that reason, and their personality is not one that most tolerate, from what i have seen and heard. Not saying that you wouldnt take care of it, but there are A LOT of ppl out there that wouldnt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xVelvet_FuzzButtx View Post
    I'd like to add that that they are NOT hybrids. I *hate* seeing websites and BYB breeders say their mutts are hybrids because they took two pure bred dogs and mixed them. Its as bad if not worse than designer dog "breeds". It misinforms a lot of people. The guy who started massbreeding puggles says he "invented" the hybrid breed!! geez.

    Sometimes you get luck and find exactly a half & half cross:
    our Alaskan Malamute x Cardigan welsh corgi is a perfect example.
    she IS however very stubborn and Very hyper/active. like both breeds.
    an SPCA rescue.

    I've seen another dog like that His name is Nico he is in a Kentucky Humans society commercial. His fur is a little longer. Though I'm not 100% sure he is a half and half mix. Though he looks like yours.

    I would look for a schnauzer mix since they seem to be more of them around in the shelters since they do seem to be rather popular dog. Though around here I know we have a rescue just for Schnauzers.

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