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Thread: Cross between a mini schnauzer and a soft coated Wheaten Terrier

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    Cross between a mini schnauzer and a soft coated Wheaten Terrier

    I've only seen one site that shows a cross between a Mini Schnauzer and a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. I love both breeds so in my uninformed opinion, this would be the perfect hybrid!!! Does anyone know if there are any breeders who breed this mix?

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    I hope no one intentionally mixes the breeds - you wouldn't necessarily get the "best of both breeds" but you might find one searching - worth a shot.

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    Ok thanks Karen! The only picture I found was on but they don't list any breeders. If they do exist, I would hope they would be responsible breeders. What would your objection be?

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    There are so many - many, many, many dogs that get put to sleep because of a lack of homes in this country every year. That breed mix might be cute as a pup, but would be surely a very high-energy dog, therefore more likely to end up in a shelter because people bought an adorable puppy not understanding the needs of the dog. A bored pup is a destructive pup, and the more energy they have - well, the more they'd destroy.

    I have nothing against mixed breed dogs, per se, have loved and been owned by many of them. Just don't think it's responsible to be breeding mixes intentionally when so many are dying every day for the want of a loving home.

    My friend's Wheaton - a much loved pup - ate their couch when left alone as a pup. They got a cheaper replacement couch, and a brother Wheaton for him to keep him occupied, and decided happy dogs were more important than lovely furnishings. Many people wouldn't have made that choice. Squeaky toys have a life-span of less than 26 seconds in their house - and once the squeaker is ripped out and the toy shredded, neither dog cares about it any more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flipgirl
    Ok thanks Karen! The only picture I found was on but they don't list any breeders. If they do exist, I would hope they would be responsible breeders. What would your objection be?
    breeding a mixed breed on purpose just to experiment is anything but responsible or breeding a mixed breed, period is so not responsible.

    why not adopt a mixed breed from a shelter or rescue locally? trust me, you are better off adopting a mixed breed than buying one AND you will save a life! You would not want to put money in the pockets of those that are irresponsible also known as "back yard" breeders.

    I suggest to you that you look on like Karen suggested. Good luck and please do not buy a dog, especially if you are looking to buy a mixed breed and it's not good to buy from them. adopting will save a life, buying will not. there are so many mixed breeds in shelters all over the world needing homes because people breed mixes. please open up your home to a shelter dog, you will not be sorry! sorry this is so long and you will find purebred dogs in shelters, too.

    here are how many wheaten terriers are on petfinder 114

    and schnauzers 750

    and I bet you there is more mixed breeds in shelters than anything. IMO mutts are the best, especially rescued mutts!
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    Any one that takes two purebreds and deliberatly crosses them just to sell puppies cannot possibly be considered an ethical breeder! They are nothing more than a puppy manufacturer and belong in the same catagory as careless pet owners, BYB, puppy mills and pet brokers!

    Flipgirl why would you choose one of these mixed breeds rather than a Miniature Schnauzer or a SC Wheaton Terrier? What would be the advantage?
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    I agree with everyone. I think you should adopt from a shelter and always has pets that need to be adopted in almost every area you can think of.
    I have a mix dog--I bought her and I know there are tons of dogs that need homes, so buying a dog isn't the best choice, but she belonged to my mom's friend who accidentally let her dogs get together and have puppies by mistake. My little girl is a maltese/pomeranian mix. So, she isn't very hyper like a schnauzer/terrier mix would be. But, I wouldn't trade her for any other dog in the world
    Just make sure you do your research on any pup you decide you want, and I suggest like everyone else to adopt from a shelter. I am definitely going to adopt my next dog from one.... Mix dogs are so wonderful--I think pure bred dogs are just as great!!

    I haven't ever really heard of that mix of dog either though--I'm sure they're are some schnauser mixs or terrier mixes ready to be adopted at a shelter somewhere. It might not be the same exact 2 breed mixes you want, but it will be very rewarding I know to help a little dog/puppy and give him/her a great home where they'll be loved.

    Let us know what kind you get if you get one.

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    Hi flipgirl, I ditto everything everyone else has said before me. However, I want to point out one thing. I'm now the owner of a puppy who is exactly half Doberman and half Labrador. Unfortunately, genetics doesn't play out the way we always want to, and this puppy looks and acts 100% Doberman.

    Keep that in mind, please. Crossing Breed A and Breed B will not give you a puppy exactly half of each. Genetics is more or less a shot in the dark and you get exactly what you pay for - a random mix.

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    Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers mixed with Miniature Shnauzers

    I own a Wheaton Terrier/Mini Shnauzer mix and she is probably the best dog you could ever have, she's adorable, smart, well behaved, she has an amazing personality and everyone wants a "Cooper" when they meet her.

    I recommend this breed over any other.

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    I Own One and Love Him

    I own a standard schnauzer and wheaton terrier mix.

    For those who wonder why a breeder would cross the two, the puppies are great. And they have a special meaning to me. The breeders are friends who I have known for 43 years. I am not going to spill my guts on a website, but let me say that this dog brings both great dog qualities and a lifelong friendship with their family together.

    I get the whole dog rescue thing. I have rescued dogs. But I lost one of my dogs to a car accident and when I dropped her body off to be creamated I wanted a puppy. I took home a 6 month old standard schnauzer / wheaton terrier mix. And he looks a lot like a giant schnauzer if you are wondering.

    Good breeders are just that -- good breeders. This family took two dogs that each mean a lot to their respective owners and bred them. And I am grateful.

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    I also own one and love him -- best dog ever

    My dog, Wendel, is now 4 years old and I may be looking for a brother for him in the next year or two. I came across this site while looking up where I might get another "Schwheaton", like my beloved Wendel.

    Anyone who warns against this mix has obviously not met one. Before picking up Wendel, my wife and I went to about 8 different breeders of various (non-shedding) pure bred dogs and mixes. We were very picky that the puppy absolutely had to have the right temperament. When we arrived at the breeder of Wheaton/Schnauzer mixes, we knew right away that we were getting a dog that day. We could have picked any one of the 7 or 8 dogs that were there and we wouldn't have made a bad choice.

    Wendel is friendly, loving, great with kids and other dogs, submissive, non-shedding, does not bark very much (i.e. less than most dogs), is playful (including fetching) when we are, and happy to lie around the house and watch tv with us. He is almost the perfect dog. Just to be fair, his negative points would be that he's not a great guard dog (besides barking once or twice if he hears the doorbell), and we're still working on the "come" command while other dogs are around.

    When we walk our dog we are constantly stopped as people tell us that we have "the cutest dog ever", to which we politely reply "your dog is pretty cute too". We are also often asked where we got our dog by prospective dog owners.

    Although somewhat rare, we have met a few dogs of the same mix - and all of them were great dogs. As far as dogs for a family go, this is one of the best breeds/mixes you will ever find.

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