Me in the middle of the night.

Nicki needed to go out so I slipped out of bed and didn't bother to turn any lights on to wake anyone else up. I was about 4 steps down when I stepped on something slippery.... bump bump bump down the steps. I ended by crashing my left knee into a banister.

Of course you know I ended up waking the whole house! Hubby's screaming at me "what happened?" and getting mad at me for not answering (amazing how you're totally wordless when something like this happens) so he ran out of the bedroom to turn on the hall light. I had 5 cats, a dog, a husband and a few teenagers staring at me sprawled across the bottom of the steps.

Somehow I stupidly got back up and continued to let Nicki out (ummm... don't you think any of the other people staring at me would have finished that task for me? ) and cleaned up the wet slippery stuff....... any guesses on what it was? Cat puke. Oh yeah, yum yum. So here I was, multi-tasking by letting Nicki out and cleaning up a trail of cat puke on the steps right after I went flying down the steps. What was I thinking?! and why didn't anyone else offer to do that for me?!?!

So of course, you all must know what my body feels like right now. I'm not sure what hurts more, my butt or my knee.