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Thread: Greetings from Massachusetts! (Lots of Pictures Inside!)

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    I'm definitely already enjoying myself here I love that picture of Rebel in your sig, his markings are very pretty.

    Kfamr, I spent a little while this morning going through some of your posts with pictures in them - I LOVE looking at pictures of other people's "babies"! You're a great photographer! I saw that you use a canon SLR - I love SLRs, they're awesome. My fiance uses a Nikon D-70 which is also an SLR, up until a few days ago I used a Canon SD-700IS (not a SLR), that I loved - until I dropped it on the tile floor of my kitchen. Grrrr

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    Hi Liz, and welcome!

    I am finally able to SEE Molly, the little lady who has had so many health issues. You got it right, she IS a survivor.

    And your ferrets, oh my, how wonderful!

    Lucy has a great personality, she seems to love everyone, not only humans, but all the other fur kids you have as well!

    I knew you woud fit right in on here! Enjoy!!!

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    Hi Liz, sorry to say I am just seeing this thread now. Welcome to Pet Talk. Lucy has one of the prettiest smiles I have ever seen on a little girl (even one of my co-workers commented on it ). And Molly, oh my gosh, with those eyes she could have absolutely anything she wanted. Good thing she isn't my baby, I would be putty in her paws. I am glad to hear that she has been able to overcome her health problems; I am sure a loving home helped a lot. I have never had a ferret, but I really enjoyed meeting yours. What personalities they have. Hope you enjoy it here on PT and hope to see a lot more of your furkids.

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    Greetings from Massachusetts!

    First of all Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy all the talks & pictures..

    Second of all I just love all your babies.. They are just sweet cutie pies.. Do you think I can babysit those ferretts sometime?? great pics & thanks

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

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    Hi Sandie! Thank you so so much for introducing me to this wonderful place I feel right at home surrounded by fellow pet lovers! And I'm glad you finally get to see "Miss Molly" who you were kind enough to answer so many questions about We're watching her like a hawk to make sure no more hairless spots pop up - right now it's just the spot on her foreleg and a teeny one on her paw, the vet said those were pretty typical spots for demodectic mange to pop up. I feel like by the time Molly is 100% healthy I could probably be some sort of vet tech, since she's now had almost everything possible wrong with her

    Ginger's Mom - Thank you for the compliment on Lucy's smile - she's such a goofy girl, and always seems to be wearing that sloppy grin on her face. While Molly was in the critical care unit at Angell Memorial one of the Vets there told me that a veterinary technician came up to him at the beginning of his shift, crying, saying that she couldn't stand to see Molly all "locked up like that". They had her in a little incubator type thing that looked a lot like a microwave, because they thought she might be contagious, so she couldn't be in a regular kennel like the rest of the dogs. When we went to go visit her during visitors hours at the hospital, my fiance and I had to put on gowns and gloves and had to pet her through a tiny hole in the door. It was heartbreaking. The vet tech said that every time she walked by Molly's incubator, Molly would lift her head up and give her those eyes until she came over and pet her lol - she really does know how to get what she wants!!

    Edit - lvpets2002, sorry I didn't see your reply! If you didn't live so far away I would absolutely let you babysit my ferrets They do tend to try to take over any house they stay in though - and they typically succeed lol

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    Hello Liz

    What a lovely bunch of furkids you have there!

    I'm Anna and I'm owned by the three dogs you see in my signature. If your interested in seeing any of my pictures I have TONS Here

    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNumber7
    I hope this was an acceptable 1st post!
    More than just acceptable, it was a WONDERFUL first post...much better than mine that's for sure

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Hi Anna! Your dogs are beautiful, and all so different looking from eachother! What an assortment you have there...mastiff, chow and husky, I love it!

    I have some exciting news on the pet front at my house ...actually 2 bits of exciting news! My fiance's birthday is on Friday and I have been working on a little surprise for him for a gift...tomorrow I'm going and picking him up a kitten that I've adopted. I'm very excited, and I know he will love it. We've talked a lot about getting one, and I've tried to play it off like I'm neutral on the subject so that he doesn't suspect what I'm up to. I'll post some pictures of the little girl once we get here home and acquainted with the other seven animals and us, which may take a little bit lol

    The 2nd bit of news is, next weekend we are taking in a dog to foster for a local rescue group until he can find his new forever home. He is a 1 yr old black lab mix with cute little white toes and a white chest. I'm looking forward to being able to help write up a little bio on him and take some good pictures of him to help him find a great family - the shelter told me that they had such issues taking a decent picture of him because of his color, and that they think that is part of the reason black dogs are often the last to be picked for adoption. My 2 girl dogs here will love having a new guy around to wrestle with, and I'll have fun teaching him some tricks and how to be a well mannered pup. The rescue group was severely short on foster homes so this poor little guy has been staying at a vet's office, being boarded there. I'm sure he'll be a bit anxious when he gets here after being cooped up for so long, but I think he'll adjust quickly. If anyone has any tips on helping him, let me know.

    Here are some pictures that I took the past few days - our yard is finally fenced in at our new house, so the dogs are able to run around free now. At our old house we lived on 50 acres of woods, and they were NOT liking the whole "leash" thing in the yard when we 1st moved in! Until they were secure though, they didn't have a choice!

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