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Thread: Polar bear baby Knut - cute, cute, CUTE!!!

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    Polar bear baby Knut - cute, cute, CUTE!!!

    The little cub was born last December in the zoo of Berlin, and he was abandoned by his mother after 4 days. His twin brother didn't survive, but little Knut was rescued by his animal keeper who hand-fed him and cared for him, and now he's 4 months old.

    Knut was on the news all the time, as some animal activists wanted Knut to be pts. They argued that a bear raised by a human could never live a normal life. But I have to admit, this is the first time I'm happy that animal activists didn't get what they wanted.

    Just look at him! Last Friday, he was introduced to the public when he entered his outdoor enclosure for the very first time. Journalists from all over the world were there, Knut is indeed the most popular German at this point! He has the ability to make everyone who looks at him happy. Some people who saw him exploring his new territory on Friday even cried tears of joy, that's how much he's touching everyone's heart.

    Here, you can learn more about Knut.

    I wish this little guy the best of luck and hope he'll always live a happy life!


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    omg awwww! How cute!

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    I just love Knut to bits! Every picture I see of him is cuter than the last. He is seriously making me wonder if I could squeeze in a visit to Berlin before he gets too much bigger!

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    Yes, isn't he just gorgeous!! He will certainly thrive in Berlin Zoo.

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    Another happy ending!!!

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    He is seriously making me wonder if I could squeeze in a visit to Berlin before he gets too much bigger!

    LOL, oh yes, he's growing so fast! They say that in a couple of months, his animal keeper won't be allowed to be around him anymore because he'd be too big and too strong. But right now, he's still a baby! And he's a star here in Germany!

    But while everyone's happy about cute little Knut, the Berlin zoo mourns the death of another popular animal, panda Yan Yan. There were even speculations that the thousands of visitors who came to see little Knut were too much for her, as she died of heat failure. But this was caused by constiaption, the vets said. Very sad.

    Here's the article:
    Panda Yan Yan


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