Yesterday, my friend called me to get her some info about the Home Again chip from the internet. Imagine my great surprise, when I saw that the site is NEW. I could not get on with my old password and had to set up a new account. To my great dismay, I found that 3 cats were not registered under the "new" format!!! I called and spoke with a very nice rep, Teresa, and I gave her the chip ID numbers of the three cats and she could not get into the system with them. As it stands now, I am to get a call back from her when she and her supervisor can get this cats re-registered. ALSO, there is a package for an annual fee of $14.99 that has some extra perks. I do not think so with the 8 cats that comes to nearly $120.00/year!!! I asked why HomeAgain did not at least send an email to its current subscribers, since they have the address, no comment. I was assured that a Schering Plough rep had visited my vet's office and gave a complete inservice on the new system. I called and spoke with Nicole, who handles the HomeAgain, and she she has not seen a rep in ages!! PLEASE GO TO THE NEW SITE AND BE SURE YOUR CATS(dogs, too) ARE IN THE SYSTEM!!! I told them in a strong email that I depend on them havieng the correct information so that is one of the cats gets out of the house and lost is returned to me!!!!!