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    After I wrote about Peach & Mollie June, I thought I should tell everyone what little Maggie looks like. She is a little orange & white kitten - I found her at a neighbor's who told me that she had been hanging around outdoors her house for a few weeks. That was last September and even though I had 2 cats (Peach & Mollie) already, I didn't want her to be outdoors when it started getting cold. I bought her home and for the 1st week, Mollie was MAD! She did not like Maggie and would hiss and slap at her every chance she got. Now they get along fine and even curl up together. Maggie & Peach are the real buddies though - I have heard that it's common for cats to pair up and that is exactly what has seemed to happen between Peach & Maggie. Maggie seems to be a littler breed of cat and she has the sweetest little face.

    I've always had pets, but these 3 are really my babies.
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