Dear K.C. Your dear, sweet friends Caitlin and Audrey have written so lovingly of you and your heart dog Cody. What a touching tribute to a very special dog and his guardian. I am so very sorry that your precious boy was taken from you so soon. But I know that throughout his life he was SO cherished, loved and adored by you and all who knew him. Thank you for giving him a second chance at life and the best forever home a doggie could ever wish for. I hope that with time your great feeling of loss will be replaced with beautiful memories of the wonderful years you shared. And thank you too for sharing your heart and home with yet another doggie in need of your special love. Cody, I don't think a doggie was ever more loved than you, sweet boy. Yes, I know too that you are looking down from the Rainbow Bridge with a big smile on that beautiful face, so proud to know that you are so very, very loved by so many. Revel in the sunshine and beauty of the Rainbow Bridge dear Cody, frolicking happily with all of our departed, beloved furkids until you and K.C. are together again. Bless you precious Cody. Today Pet Talk, your loving family and friends and all the world have the privliege of honoring your legacy of devotion, loyalty and love. Congratulations to you Cody, a most cherished and beloved Dog of a Lifetime.

Audrey, Caitlin, thank you for being such loving friends to K.C. and Cody.