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Thread: Agility pics!!! With PUPPY pics!!! AND... Dog Party pics!!!

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    Agility pics!!! With PUPPY pics!!! AND... Dog Party pics!!!

    Well, I've been so excited for the agility season to arrive. (still covered in over 3 feet of snow... it's not arriving SOON!) I was sorting through pics and found some "new" ones.

    btw: Anyone who's ever seen a pic of them on the agility course knows they don't look flattering ...

    First though... Jenny in a wedding gown!!! I didn't get ANY good pics of it... stupid thing kept falling off. Zara calls this one "It's fine, mum, stop fussing" hehehe

    I'm only posting the jump ones, because they are the ones that turn out the best... BTW: for anyone who cares... this was an agility "game" we had an egg on a spoon and we had 3 minutes to get as many points on the jumps and tunnels as we could, without dropping the egg. I'm pleased to say Jenny and I got first place. Whoo hoo!!! *Big Grin*

    Jump Jenny, Jump!

    A nice pain of legs...

    I love how her legs are crossed in this one... LOVE IT!!!

    Jumpin' Jenny!

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