They have antibiotic cream for the eye im using. They have been on it over 4 days now and still no improvment. I dont expect it to be gone at this time, but maybe a little better yet its not. The vet did not examine them, I just picked up the cream. Im a little concerned since they have had the infection for awhile. They were on oral antibotics before this. The eyes are always stuck shut, its very hard to get them open for the goo, and always sealed back up soon after. The inside is very swollen and *open* for the eye is half a crack and the inner eyelid in the corner is almost always half way across the eye and swollen also. Is there anything at all that can be done? I hope they dont end up blind or something. The vet isnt very technical and I cant afford to go to a real, normal vet who will charge me. Mostly you just pay for the meds and not for looking at them where I go. How often do you normally use the cream also? He didnt tell me and I have been giving it to them probably about 4x a day. (if you dont know they are just 3 weeks)