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    Originally posted by Dixieland Dancer
    SHE IS ADORABLE!!!! Perhaps if you decide to keep her, she could be your neices dog! Just a suggestion.

    Oh, don't think she hasn't already tried that!
    What a good dog Huney is! Last night we just let all 3 of them roam the house, and guess what? All was A-OK this morning, they were laying in the kitchen & livingroom when I got up! No messes in the floor or anything! I didn't know what else to do because Thursday night she wouldn't sleep in the crate and cried every time I put her in it. I tried to post yesterday, but they were all playing around the computer and somehow I deleated my whole post, Oh well!
    So far noone has come to claim her, or told anyone in the neighborhood she was missing. We took her to the vet yesterday, all she had was a mild case of giaradia, no fleas (yipee!). He said she seemed in good condition, and he thought because of a little of tartar buildup on her teeth, that she may be around-about 1 yr. I really thought she seemed younger. And they told me there also that they were glad we rescued her, because the shelter considers them un-adoptible dogs. I told Mark that & he said he can't even see why, she would be such a great dog for someone! Still not sure if we will keep her. Mark really likes her, but I don't want to push the subject just right yet He might have a soft spot for her in his heart (ok, he already has one, but I'm not sure if he will want to keep her though). Well, of course, here are some more pics, Enjoy!

    [b]I'm still so surprised by how well the all get along, but Roxey is definatly trying to let her know who's the boss
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    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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