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    Chow Puppy Found

    Ok, I need some help here.

    This morning a girl I work with called me & said there was a chow puppy that someone had dumped at her brothers house. She thought it had been there for about 3 days. So me & Ashley went out there, we couldn't even get withing 15-20 ft of it without it getting up and moving away from us. We got in the car & tried to get closer & it ran across the street. The neighbor said it had been there about a week, but noone had been around to look for it, & noone could catch it.
    Ashley tried to get a little closer again, but it ran back across the street (it's a fairly busy street too). One of the other neighbors gave Ashley a couple of treats and presto! It finally let her get close enough to get ahold of it. She did really well on the ride home.
    Well, now the hard part, the introduction to Angus & Roxey. We just brought them out in the front yard, so they could see her, & of course Angus wanted to charge her Roxey, all she wanted to do was play, and this scared the poor little girl. She is very submissive and timid, but wags her tail when we talk baby talk to her. Finally tonight after smelling each other through the screen we let them all in together. As long as she's not running around or anything, it all goes pretty well. But of course Roxey keeps wanting to play which makes Angus get riled up. They are all laying here being good right now.
    Now, I'm not sure if we will be able to keep her or not, it really depends on how Angus & Roxey act towards her, so I was wondering if you all know anyone who would want her. She seems to have a very good temperment so far, and wants to follow us around. Seems like she like me & Ash a little better than Mark, but maybe it's just the baby talk! She still has a little puppy breath (so sweet!), so I'm not quite sure how old she is...maybe 4 months or so
    I won't take her to the shelter, she'd probably just be put to sleep, so just in case we're not able to keep her, does anyone know any no kill shelters in Ohio or close to here?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Here is a couple pics of her (she looks actually bigger than she is-it's mostly fur!):

    P.S. Is there anything I should do concerning any diseases? I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep her so I don't really want to spend a ton of $$ on her. Does that sound horrible? I don't mean it to. Please help!
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