Tomorrow I am leaving for New York for the Westminster Dog Show I'll be back on the 15th. And I just found out that while we are in New York, he's (my father) taking me to see The Lion King on Broadway! Let me tell you...The Lion King is my FAVORITE movie. I've loved it since I was little (when it came out).

I'm going to take a bunch of pictures of every breed/dog I see. I'm also going to take pictures at various parts of New York that I visit.

So I'll definetly have a lot to share with you all when I get back I'm not so nervous about flying anymore, we are picking up a bunch of magazines for me, I'm bringing a GSD book, my ipod and Nintendo DS to keep me busy. Its only a 5 hour flight so it really isn't that bad. (Same distance it took for us to fly from our home in Hawaii to over here in California)
Any breed picture requests? (Besides GSDs....thats a given ). I'm already going to be taking photos of every breed I see, but if there are certain breeds you'd like pictures of I can keep my eye out for them. (Or even certain dogs)