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Thread: Watch out for NEO

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    Watch out for NEO

    Careful of feeding Neo chocolate, it is poisonous to cats in large enough doses. I don't know if someone already said that...anyway Neo is adorable! He's much bigger than my scrawny little Siamese. But mine is so protective of me despite his size. What a sweetie Neo is!

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    Beautiful cat...

    Also watch out for tomato sauce. It can be toxic if it contains onions.

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    welcome to both of you newcomers !!!

    you are right about chocolate , it is definitely poisonous for cats !! I do not know about the tomato-sauce , but that could be true too . There has been a interesting tread about this not so long ago ! Will try to look it up and post it !!

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    me again !!

    I found it !! And other threads too !!
    The one I was talking about is on Cat Health and is called "anti-freeze" ; if you are interested in more , go to Cat Health , scroll all the way down to the box on the right where you can fill in a searched item ; fill in "poisonous" and you will get some interesting threads !!

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