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Thread: Uppiedate and Cali Video

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    Uppiedate and Cali Video

    Hi everyone,

    We have a REALLY slow internet connection here, so I'm not online as much as I would like. (Also don't have a router yet, so only one of us can be on-line at a time, so I have to fight with Cameron and Warren for some internet time!!!).

    We are settling in OK - still missing all my friends in Bahrain. Particularly those friends who used to go with me to "Softplay" and get together for playdates with Cali - she hasn't seen another baby her age since we got here, and she was socialising so well before we moved. Hopefully I will be able to address that on Tuesday - the South African Women's Group here is VERY active, and they are having a Newcommers Coffee Morning on Tuesday, so I am hoping to meet other Mums with little ones, and also find out about Paediatricians etc...

    Still a lot of work to do in the appartment to get it up to a standard I will be happy with. Fortunately most of the walls and furniture are neutral colours, So I will be able to improve it a bit without spending money on the place.

    Just also wanted to share what GREAT taste in music Cali has - check out this video of her dancing with Cam - she just loves Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    Cali Video

    So far, it's not as good as Bahrain, but on the good side I haven't taken to my bed crying with homesickness yet, so it can't be that bad either!!!



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    What a mover! Very cute.

    I hope things go well on Tuesday and you meet lots of people there. I'm sure that would help a lot.

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    Awwwwwwww, she is soooo cute, Julie!! I watched some of the other videos too
    I hope you and Cali find some great friends soon
    I miss you enormously Maya, Inka & Zazou! Be happy there at the Rainbow Bridge

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    Julie, it's good to hear from you and glad all the stress is behind you. I hope you'll meet some wonderful people at the tuesday gettogether, hopefully some with kids Cali's age.

    What a great video, she really does seem to like dancing. LOL!

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    Julie, I'm glad that everything is going well and I hope that you'll meet some nice woman with little babies so you can have playdates again. The video sure was cute and Cali loves to move.
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    What a cute video! Cali makes me tired - watching all that energy!! Love how she claps her hands and squeals while Cameron dances with her

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    Hi Julie! It's great to hear that you are settling in to your new home and things are going pretty well for you! Cali is absolutely ADORABLE!!! How cute how excited the music makes her!!!

    Stay in touch!

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    Good to hear from you. My hubby thought Cali was Mary Joyce (who is supposed to be sleeping) for a minute when he heard the video. She sounds a LOT like our little girl.

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    My goodness, she's going to fly away! That was so precious! Thanks for sharing, Julie.

    I'm glad to hear you're settling in. I have no doubt that you'll make some new friends quickly, though.


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