RIP Dear Scooter. Sadly Scooter had to be put down this morning. Scooter was the feral we caught around a year ago that had a deformed penis, and we had surgery to try and correct this. Intermittently he would have problems with infections and would have to be medicated. This surgery also made him incontinent, which didnít help matters. Scooter never tamed up well, but would let me near him so it wasnít always easy to know if he was having a problem, or to medicate him if he was. Yesterday I was home sick when I noticed he kept licking himself and seemed to be leaking more than normal. This morning I managed to get him in a carrier and took him to the vet. Scooterís condition was only getting worse, and the vet could not see a good future ahead for him. If he hadnít been as feral as he was it might have been easier to prolong his life a little longer, but our vet recommended euthanasia. We, including our vet, did all everything possible for little Scooter. RIP little one!