My new kitty arrived this morning, and is very scared/anxious.

I know it must be scary being taken to some strange place and all of a sudden being in new surroundings, so how do you ease this transition? I want to be able to bond with him, but he was just so scared and hid, so I figured I should leave him alone for the day.

I put him in the bathroom with the brand new litterbox, mini cat tree, bed, food and water bowls so he can slowly adjust.

This kitty came from a breeder of orientals, so this is completely new territory for me. All of my other kitties have found me, and most were easily transitioned because being street cats, they knew the hardships of living on the street and what a blessing it is to have someone love them.

This kitty has never known any hardships, so I can imagine he's quite upset about leaving his comfortable home to come to some strange place where he doesn't know anyone.

Any ideas on how to help him become a happy and pampered house pet?