Today my mother and I went out to shop for my newest addition a Bearded dragon (Just getting her tank ready before I bring her home).. We went to a local Petstore (that doesn't sell puppies/kittens), there I saw a girl holding what looked to be a Shihtzu Chihuahua mix puppy (barely 5 weeks old I bet).. We left and went to another (larger) petstore across the highway, of course I went straight to the back of the store to see what kind of puppies/kittens they had for sale..

Low and behold there they were.. Three small shihtzu/Chihuahua pups for sale ($800.00) to boot (Looked exactly like that girls puppy across the street)... I couldn't beileve it..IGNORANCE!!! Why would somone pay $800.00 for a mut that was much to young to have even left its mother???

In the same pen was also 2 TerripooX puppies for $699.00 each.. Then in the pen next to them were two bordercollie/aussies for $500.00 GRRRRR

It's one thing to see these puppies in a petstore, stuck behind glass, with PINE bedding, let alone knowing people actually support this crap..

(Sorry just had to vent)