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Thread: My new Christmas look(s) :P

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    My new Christmas look(s) :P

    I posted on another thread that I would show you a few pics of the new clothes I got for Christmas, and I've kept my promise! I always think clothes are one of the most exciting gifts to receive on Christmas, I adore trying them on straight away

    Here's 'new look' number 1:

    My mum said I look like Paris Hilton in this photo, I hope that's a compliment, LOL! This is one of those long, fine jumpers than are quite fashionable now, I've wanted one for ages ever since I saw a poster in a shopping centre. My mum also managed to find the 'leggings' (similar to tights, just thicker and footless) that were long enough for me, previously we had both trawled every shop we could think of, only to find short-medium length and medium-long length (oh the curse of being tall!), so how she managed to find one I don't know. The boots are Pierre Cardin and I'm really in love with them, here's a close up:

    Uh-oh, cheesy smile

    Here is 'new look' number two: all in brown. The boots here I've had for quite a while but they match perfectly with all this new gear. And I never thought I'd say this, but I love the HAT! I've never really been a hat person but I find myself wearing this one pretty much all the time now!

    Thanks for stomaching my photos and reading my carryings-on about clothes If anyone else had any gear for Christmas then it'd be great if you posted that too!

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    You look really nice in your new clothes, thanks for modeling them for us! You are a very pretty girl!

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    You look absolutely WONDERFUL in your new clothes I was looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    I've never had any luck in getting clothes as gifts, they never seem to fit right So nice that all yours fit perfectly!

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    You look great and look good enough to be a model.
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    You look marvelous! =]
    Glad to hear you're happy with your new clothes, just like anna_66, all the clothes I get as presents tend to be a bit ill-fitting. I'd much rather shop for myself.

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    wow, Zara!! You could be a model!!

    i'm not gonna model mine but this is my new 'gear', haha.

    (worn with black leggings, and black converse, of course. lol)

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    Aaaw, thank you so much everyone You are all so kind!

    Sarah, I love those clothes, especially the skirt! I bet it looks great on you!

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Very nice, Zara! Did I ever tell you how much you look like my friend, Victoria, she has a similar outfit like that. I love the last one!

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    You look FABULOUS!!!! I wish I had your long, thick hair, girl!

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    great pics!
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    Your two "new looks" are absolutely lovely! I also love the hat, it sets off that outfit perfectly.


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    Thank you so much everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by moosmom
    I wish I had your long, thick hair, girl!
    LOL, my hair's actually really fine, and it's an absolute pain for tying up and stuff as after out 10 minutes it's all slipped out. That morning I'd just washed it and dried it upside down so it looks as if my 'cover-up' of my fine hair worked! Thanks Donna!

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Better watch out for that last picture, Zara's got attitude!

    You're very pretty, Zara.

    My greyhound clothes!

    and this

    My pink Jacket, *click the button with the pink jacket on it, I can't get the link to go right to pink, and the green is horrible, IMO

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    You look very nice in your new outfits! I really like the brown one! My youngest daughter loves to wear hats!
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