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Thread: Girl & Her 2 Dogs got Hit!

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    Girl & Her 2 Dogs got Hit!

    I came home from the auction & my mom told me there was a accident,

    It happned just left of my house at the local cross walk, a girl was crossing the street when a car came & hit both her & the dogs, police came & and a ambulance rushed her to the hospital, I don't know what happned to the dogs but my mom said the girl was hit very badly.

    I don't know the rest but it should be on the news, I hope the girl & her dogs are ok.

    I'll try to find out, & when I do I'll let you know how there doing.

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    oh no!!! I hope she is okay? Keep us posted on her condition and the dogs..

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    I hope the dog survived and it's at the vet being tended to. I HATE it when bad things like that happen!

    They just pulled the plug on a 29 year old guy that my sister kept since he was pre school until adulthood yesterday... My sister lost her own son Dec. 13 of last year so she is not in good shape today.

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    That's horrible! and so close to Christmas.

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    Poor girl. Was it a hit & run? Keep us posted. I hope she'll be okay. And the dogs too of course.
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    How sad. I hope the girl and her dogs are okay.
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    Thats horrible news. I hope her & the dogs will be ok. I know what Toronto traffic is like, but I also know that jay walking is REALLY bad there too.

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    How very sad! I hope they will all be ok.
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