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Thread: Environmental Awareness *Go Green!!!*

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    Environmental Awareness *Go Green!!!*

    I don't know if many of you heard, but the Yangtse River Dolphin (aka Baiji) was declared functionally extinct a few days ago. From what I understand, they couldn't find any dolphins in a rigorous search, but it won't be officially extinct until it has been 50 years. While that doesn't sound like much, this is a huge red flag.

    It just overwhelms me. Doesn't anybody care? In the midst of this Christmas season, we've resorted to replacing love with material goods. Doesn't anybody care where all this, well, trash is going? Does NOBODY care about the enviornment anymore? I hope people realize that we live ON earth. We are NOT the world itself. We live on this place, and it's our duty to keep it healthy for our future generations.

    On another board, a member wrote about a new neighborhood cropping up near her house. A few days later, she found a fox couple on her property looking for a new den. As dog lovers, we should be appalled by this. But it seems like nobody is.

    People need to grow up a little. The world doesn't revolve around humans. I hate to paraphrase Chief Seattle's noble words, but it's true. We aren't the web of life. We're just a strand. Jeez. Wake up people.
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    That's so sad, & it sickens me ...

    Yes I belive humans are NOT doing enough to presurve this earth .. or whats left of it atleast , all these goverments should be foucused on the earth & nothing more because it's whats keeping humans alive & where making the earth die, global warming so far is the biggest issue I would say .. Polar bears & seals are dieing because all the beautiful snow & ice is melting.

    I mean look at Toronto, what happened to COLD Canada?

    I wish I could just make everyone turn off the lights when there not in use, walk to the 2 block away store NOT drive, go to the park don't go to your couch & watch stupid T.V, go help out at a wild life centre, if a tree is going to be cut down or a forest for the purpose of a mall grab your friends and try to stop it ... sleep there every night if you have too ect ...

    I feel & know people are just not doing enough, If I had a wish it would be that the earth could never be polutited EVER!, lol I don't know if that will ever happen buy hey .. it's worth a wish.

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    I know what you mean- I try to do my best but I know I could do more. It does seem a bit overwhelming, though, when one considers how obstacles we face to creating a more "green" society. I think people care, in a way, but most people don't bother themselves with changing their lifestyles in order to make a difference.

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    This is horrible.

    It's said that by the time a baby born today is 80 years old, the world will be 6 and a half degrees warmer than it is now.

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    I totally agree with this rant. It's really sad how destructive, selfish and uncaring people really are. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen some jerk throw trash out their window while driving, or even people walking on the streets just littering their trash on the sidewalks. It's just disgusting. The world is not a trashcan, people!

    There was a line in Independence Day (the movie), that actually describes how I feel about people...they're like locusts consuming every last resource until there is nothing left and the world destroyed. It was something along that line about the aliens, but in reality...that's the human population. Humans are trashing the planet, using up every last resource, and sadly...nobody even seems to care.

    I try to do every little bit that I can, but I get so discouraged when I see how many people treat the earth they live on...

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    I feel the exact same way. No body these days care about the Earth. Don't people know the Artic is melting because of us polluting the air. Doesn't people care we are killing many innocent animals for no reason. We are cutting down their habitat. I just think everything us humans do on this Earth is wrong. We cut down millions of trees for our houses, paper and lots of other stuff. We drive too much and pollute the air. It's rediclous!

    Don't call me crazy or anything, but I personally think Earth would be a lot more cleaner, healthier and more peaceful if us humans didn't exist!


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    I had NO clue about this...

    I can tell you now that I'm almost in tears reading that. This is so sad. I really don't think much people care anymore if animal extinction keeps happening. I loved those river dolphins. They were very unique creatures, but now their gone. I'm in shock.. We have lost so many wonderful, beautiful animals because of humans alone. I know other things come into affect, but this is just so bad, and I'm sad to say if something isn't done, more animals will be extinct very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paws13
    Don't call me crazy or anything, but I personally think Earth would be a lot more cleaner, healthier and more peaceful if us humans didn't exist!
    LOL. Oh, not at all. That's basically what I wrote on the other forum with the developing neighborhood and displaced foxes. If human life didn't exist, the world would be fine. And, apparently, that looks exactly like where we're headed. Nature has its way of cleansing itself and it looks like we're digging our own graves.

    I'm glad to see like-minded people on this board. Unfortunately, to the public eye, any concern for the environment is often perceived to be radical and...well...crazy-grassroots-college-kids.

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    Wow. My friend and I did a massive research project last year on the more common river dolphin, Inia geofrensis (Boto, or Amazon) We learned a small bit about the Yangtse, but neigher of us had any idea it was that endangered. What this world has come to.

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    I really can't believe it. Another species - gone. How many is it going to take until the whole human race realises what a f***-up we've made, are we going to lose the tigers, the elephants, the pandas? Or perhaps we'll just go on choking the air with gases until we've managed to go the whole hog and obliterated the ice caps.

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    This world has become so comsumer fixated, it's really sad! Whatever lifestyle we're living, we can all little things. Seeing people in public behaving well cocerning throwing trash etc., will probably instigate others to behave equaly nice and make more good examples.

    Years ago, I did my bit to save on the water and I turn the light off if I leave a room for more than 15 min. too. I would hate not to able to get my fresh water from the tap, but it could easily happen that we'll all have to go and buy bottled water.

    It's little things, but it all helps if everybody is doing it. My sister and BIL has a fancy car, but they hace started bicycling a lot, also when they go shopping.

    It's a good thing that so many TV stations bring these documentaries on environment up, and the climate changes too. What an eyeopener!

    Just this evening, quite a long strech of Motorway/Highway? collapsed in Sweden, because it had been raining extremely much in December, and the ground under it, simply eroded and collapsed.

    We just can't grasp the consequences of what we do. I believe it won't be long because the Earth is so damaged that there are no way back! VERY SAD!!

    I was SO angry back in the nineties, seing The bastard Saddam burning all those oil wells. Don't know hoe much of it you saw on US TV, but lots and lots of birds, fish and other animals were covered in oil for a long time.

    "I don't know which weapons will be used in the third World war, but in the fourth, it will be sticks and stones" --- Albert Einstein.

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    I do understand this real threat to humanity & the earth itself. Do you
    know that it is estimated that by the year 2010 there will be no tigers left
    in the wild anywhere on earth. A whole species gone.
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    We can sue people for wearing a Santa Claus hat, but we can't stop someone from cutting down a forest. Unbelievable.

    At some point I believe we will be living in a gigantic bubble or dome or something.

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    Species go extinct daily, not just tigers and dolphins, but plants and insects. Each little piece that goes is part of the big picture. I'm glad the large animals remind us of what we are doing to the world, but they don't go daily like the little ones. We need more reminders of this daily tragedy, but unfortunately important news loses out to which celebrity is going on vacation to where and with who.
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    Our planet is going to hell in a handbasket. The weather is beautiful out in the middle of December. Why??? Global warming, that's why. It's been proven that global warming is taking away the iceberg that polar bears rely on.

    It sickens me whenever I see a wild animal dead on the side of the road. They are foraging for food because the land and trees they rely on to find food and shelter are being destroyed by huge housing complexes all for the almighty buck.

    I was waiting at a traffic light when a car 2 cars ahead of me tossed a Dunkin Donuts cup out the window. UGH!!!!

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