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Thread: Environmental Awareness *Go Green!!!*

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    Environmental Awareness *Go Green!!!*

    I don't know if many of you heard, but the Yangtse River Dolphin (aka Baiji) was declared functionally extinct a few days ago. From what I understand, they couldn't find any dolphins in a rigorous search, but it won't be officially extinct until it has been 50 years. While that doesn't sound like much, this is a huge red flag.

    It just overwhelms me. Doesn't anybody care? In the midst of this Christmas season, we've resorted to replacing love with material goods. Doesn't anybody care where all this, well, trash is going? Does NOBODY care about the enviornment anymore? I hope people realize that we live ON earth. We are NOT the world itself. We live on this place, and it's our duty to keep it healthy for our future generations.

    On another board, a member wrote about a new neighborhood cropping up near her house. A few days later, she found a fox couple on her property looking for a new den. As dog lovers, we should be appalled by this. But it seems like nobody is.

    People need to grow up a little. The world doesn't revolve around humans. I hate to paraphrase Chief Seattle's noble words, but it's true. We aren't the web of life. We're just a strand. Jeez. Wake up people.
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